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Composition 1 houses Grafite spazzolato marble which goes through the whole worktop and becomes a mighty block which enhances the cooking area. The kitchen panels are thermotreated Acacia, they provide warm, dark tones on the base elements for this stunning Scandinavian style kitchen.

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Composition 2 is modular take on luxury kitchen design. Designed with the style to match its owners, constructed using refined materials such as marble & stained oak. This elegant & sophisticated kitchen is complemented with a touch of brass, wall mounted trays & polished steel cabinets frames.

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Composition 3 is a modern designed luxury kitchen with elements of industrial style. The classic steel of professional kitchens is used for the countertops, the bases, end panels & island units. This kitchen uses the latest technology for highly resistant soft to the touch wrapping for the tall & wall units to give you that sleek & protected finish.

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Composition 4 is a clean, simple & intelligent kitchen with built-in solutions. Outfitted with elegant built-in tall units, refrigeration area & pantry, these units are in Marino chestnut that give an exclusive sparkle. The SoHo bookcase system accompanies this kitchen, an exclusive in our SoHo kitchen range.

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Composition 5 has a distinctly industrial style with a unique de-structured look. The austere elegance of this composition is lit by touches of brass which is also complimented with the Fenix NTM® Nero edging. Fenix NTM ® is also featured on the tall units with Nero chestnut doors which surrounds the units like a frame.

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With Composition 6 it's about unusual, refined combinations using the natural shades of eucalyptus and the neutral nuances of Sequoia marble and the lacquering match with the stainless steel that strictly suggests luxury & modern kitchen design.

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Composition 7 is all about functionality & practicality. A unique place for everything & everything has its place. The food washing and cooking unit is raised above the rest of the worktop and covered with enamel decorated stoneware tiles. A place to enjoy life.


Kitchen Collection

The SoHo kitchen collection is a style inspired by the industrial revolution, twinned with the design influenced by the factories converted into luxury apartments. Filled with steel, wired glass & metal effect lacquer finishes, this gives the luxury kitchen a domestic warmth.

All of our SoHo kitchen compositions include unique profile frames, that bring a soft touch, projecting edge profile.

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