Essential Kitchen Design & Planning Tips

new luxury kitchen

Designing a kitchen sounds easy. Just make a list of things you need or want and then find space for them all. However, attempting it without proper knowledge is guaranteed to leave you with a space that is all but impossible to actually cook in. Most people start designing the same way. They have a…

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BORA Cooktops – The Ultimate Game Changers.

BORA Classic20

Bora Cooktop, an outstanding hob that your household will thank you for. Cookers and hobs today play a distinct role in the kitchen as they have evolved considerably since their introduction in the late 18th century. Today, hobs and cookers reflect the diversity of modern living spaces and help individuals and families in their preparation…

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Choosing your kitchen Appliances

appliance buttons

The kitchen is said to be the heart of the home, a place we all want to be functional, durable, and perhaps even a little stylish. Choosing the right kitchen appliances plays a deciding part in your overall satisfaction of the room. Doing some research before you buy will be a huge benefit. So measure…

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Gaggenau announces its third international Sommelier Awards.

Our premium appliance partner Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances, have announced the arrival of its third, biennial international Sommelier Awards; due to take place in the revered, cultural metropolis of Beijing, Mainland China, from 16th – 17th October 2018. Following a series of national heats, the winners are automatically entered into the…

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Smeg launches a new range of Italian inspired kitchen appliances

Smeg, the renowned Italian manufacturer of luxury kitchen appliances, is set to launch the latest addition to its range cooker collection; the stunning Portofino. Smeg’s freshest design yet, the Portofino will come in eight colour-pop finishes: sunshine yellow, olive green, deep red, burnt orange and classic stainless steel, anthracite, black and white. Each design representing…

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Miele Introduces New Range Cookers

The premium domestic appliance manufacturer, Miele is excited to announce the introduction of its first ever range cooker collection, which will launch in September 2017.  Available in two widths, 92cm (36”) and 122cm (48”), the new ranges will feature the design, precision, functionality and controllability for which Miele is renowned, as well as catering for…

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© 2018 Krieder. All Rights Reserved.