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The art of extraction: Bora HOBS & COOKTOPs products offer a superb vapour extraction system with unrivalled effectiveness, attractive GERMAN ENGINEERED design and impressive performance. visit our showrooms to experience bora award winning products


The elegant BORA Pure combines fingertip controls with a compact and minimalist design. Complete within a circular built-in extractor and 4 large 24cm cooking surfaces.

  • Compact size

  • Minimalist design

  • Maximum storage space underneath the unit

  • Oversized 4 cooking zones

  • Minimal volume

  • Intuitive sControl control slider


Highly sophisticated cooktop, the elegant BORA X Pure combines the greatest hits from the BORA Pure. With added refinements to improve the cooking capabilities with its larger area cooking, fingertip controls and minimalist design.

  • Oversized surface induction cooking zones

  • Large cooking area

  • Intuitive Fingertip sControl Panel

  • Maximum storage space underneath the unit

  • Integrated grease drip pan

  • eSwap recirculation charcoal filter

  • Simple cleaning

  • Minimal volume

  • Automatic extractor control feature

BORA classic 2.0

Award winner of the German Design Award, the BORA Classic 2.0 is a combination cooktop that seamlessly fuses with extraction with efficiency. With its stunning design, beautiful quiet extraction and intelligent operating panel.

  • Modular system which enables:

    Surface induction, zone induction, gas, Tepan Yaki

  • Available in surface induction and zone induction

  • Intuitive sControl control slider

  • Minimal volume

  • Integrated grease drip pan

  • Simple cleaning

  • Automatic extractor control feature

  • Accurate temperature control

BORA professional 2.0

The BORA Professional 2.0 the best of the best, The modular system allows you to create your own combination of cooktops, grills or hobs. Combined with the stylish and efficient central extractor system.

  • Automatic extractor cover flap

  • Modular system which enables:

    Surface induction hobs, zone induction, gas hobs, Tepan Yaki

  • Customize your cook space

  • stainless steel Intelligent control

    knob with led display

  • Minimal volume

  • Integrated grease drip pan

  • Intuitive sControl control slider

  • Automatic extractor control feature

BORA professional 3.0

The BORA Professional 3.0 the best of the best - now even better. Recalibrating the key features that make the professional the flagship BORA product. All new touch LED screens make the Professional 3.0 more user friendly than ever before whilst retaining the classic appearance. Refined never re-designed, the BORA innovation continues!

  • New and improved BORA Professional cooktop

  • Intuitive touch controls with LED screen 

  • The most affordable BORA Professional ever 

  • Automatic extractor cover flap

  • Modular system

  • Customisable elements

  • stainless steel Intelligent control

    knob with led display

  • Minimal volume

  • Integrated grease drip pan

  • Intuitive sControl control slider

  • Automatic extractor control feature

  • Tepan Yaki grill add on available

Why choose BORA hobs?

Bora hob & cooktops

The meaning of cooking is the practice of preparing food by mixing, combining, and heating ingredients, so why not do that in style? BORA hobs allow you to achieve cooking perfection whilst simultaneously looking fantastic . BORA hobs are supreme pieces of cooking equipment, they are built with premium luxury materials, combined with modern controls & futuristic design. Discover the cutting edge cooking & extractor systems to improve your kitchen.

BORA’s Cooktop Extractor System

The most recognised feature on a BORA cooktop is the downdraft extractor system. The unique design is effective by removing the needs for cooker hoods & unsightly extractor fans. BORA has revolutionised the art of extraction. 

BORA’s ducting System

BORA cooktops utilise two methods of removing odours from kitchens. ‘The Exhaust System’ as the name explains channels air and vapour into an outlet through a tube on the outside of your home. A highly-effective process but not always practical if the cooktop is fitted near an internal wall. To combat this BORA have an alternative solution called the “Recirculation System”, this is where the fumes and odours are directed into innovative filters, this captures and destroys scents, keeping the environment clean, fresh and odourless. 

Modular vS Compact

Modular Systems provide optimum design freedom and flexibility when deciding your cooktop features (induction, surface induction, gas or Tepan).  All BORA functions are user-friendly, convenient and intuitively activated by touch or using the control knob.

Compact Systems combine a cooktop with a choice of cooking zones or surface induction with an unrivalled built-in extractor. Each BORA hob utilises different methods of induction. Designed within standard dimensions, the Compact Systems can be combined with your kitchen and can be installed quickly and easily.

If you are still unsure our BORA experts are on hand to help and advise you to find the system that best suits your cooking style or design requirements.

benefits of BORA Hobs

Peace and quiet in your kitchen, BORA extraction is quieter than traditional overhead extractors.

Grease and dirt molecules are drawn into the extraction system, helping with maintaining a clean kitchen worktop

Venting & steam removal, helps with humidity & temperature control in your kitchen down, stopping condensation.

Peace and quiet in your kitchen, BORA extraction is quieter than traditional overhead extractors.


Steam and vapours rise during cooking, the BORA cooktop extracts with cross-flow suction that is a higher speed at which cooking vapours rise. In this effective way, the odours are effectively extracted away from the kitchen.

At KRIEDER we stock every model available. The modular systems BORA Professional 3.0/ 2.0 and BORA Classic 2.0 and the compact systems, BORA X Pure and BORA Pure. The prices vary on a promotional and annual basis, please speak with us to find out more. We also offer a price match policy for anyone who can genuinely beat our highly competitive quotes.

Compared with traditional extractor hoods with a high noise level, BORA is at least 50% quieter when cooking. The volume does depend on the BORA system used, and external factors have to be considered such as the area where the hob is installed and room conditions.

All BORA hobs utilise built-in extraction which removes cooking vapours, evaporated grease and foul odours from the cooking environment. The cook will be able to stand in fresh-air, whilst their clothes and hair unaffected from unpleasant aromas.

BORA hobs have removable parts that can be cleaned, parts such as grease filter, drip tray, air inlet nozzle and cover can be detached from the system and washed by hand or cleaned in the dishwasher.

We supply a online pdf that can be found on the individual product pages, which may help you - if not we are happy to guide you through the process.

Advantages of BORA Cooktops

Quiet operation

Clearer view for cooking

Design freedom

Simple cleaning & maintenence

Built using luxury materials & finishes

Unrivalled effectiveness

History of BORA

BORA, founded in Germany by Willi Bruckbauer. Willi Bruckbauer is at the heart of BORA – the visionary, creative mind and driving force behind the groundbreaking cooktop extractor systems.

Willi’s dream was to create; “modern kitchens that create a living space that meets the needs of the individual and makes them happy. Every day”.

BORA & Krieder

BORA is one of the most exciting kitchen appliances manufacturers in the world. With its market-leading technology and innovative cooktop extractor systems. At KRIEDER we get fantastic feedback from our customers on the superb functionality of the BORA hobs that instantly transforms their kitchen and cooking capabilities.

We incorporate BORA hobs into our fitted kitchen designs, the ergonomic style and lack of unsightly overhead extraction give us complete control and flexibility in the installation in a visually pleasing location.

Approved UK stockist for BORA

Our kitchen customers absolutely love BORA products. We have been an approved UK supplier of BORA for many years, and our partnership which offers incredible hobs and cooktop extraction systems to our fantastic customers, with their luxury fitted kitchens.

BORA: Award winning luxury kitchen appliances

BORA are not only loved by our customers and our team at KRIEDER, but also highly rated in the competitive kitchen appliance market. Since their conception in 2008, BORA has won over 27 awards. They have received accolades from PLUS X: Best Product Of The Year, Red Dot: Product Design Award and the prodigious German Design Award 4 times on separate occasions.

Ask our BORA Experts

At KRIEDER we offer expert advice, competitive prices and fast turnaround for delivery. Our kitchen experts can help with your plans for ducting, venting or the complete design service of your kitchen. We also display a BORA cooktop at our showroom in Tonbridge for live demonstrations - book a visit now.

VIEW our kitchens

We offer a full kitchen design service - that will include installation of your brand new BORA hob. View some of our collections or give us a call if you have a style you have in mind. Our design service is completely free of charge, let's see how our design consultants can transform your home.