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The art of extraction: Bora HOBS & COOKTOPs products offer a superb vapour extraction system with unrivalled effectiveness, attractive GERMAN ENGINEERED design and impressive performance. visit our showrooms to experience bora award winning products


A compact system like never before: minimalist, flush design, highly elegant, extremely quiet and intuitive.

Bora pure x

Maximum style for your kitchen: BORA Pure X boasts an extra-wide cooktop with a distinctive air inlet nozzle. Surface induction allows for maximum flexibility in terms of where you place your pots and pans.

Bora classic 2.0

Maximum flexibility for the kitchen: The central controls are revolutionary – and no cooking area is lost. Used in a modular system for the first time, not only are all eyes drawn to it.

Bora Professional 2.0

The best of the best: A cooktop extractor that revolutionises the kitchen. The result of 10 years of intensive research and development is the icing on the cake for every cook.